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  1. Overall construction cycles are reduced saving you, the homeowner, carrying costs (mortgage interest) and temporary housing expenses.
  2. There are more structural materials in a modular home than in a site built one.  Point loads are noted and compensated for by our engineers.
  3. Our homes are designed to be Energy Star compliant.  They are computer analyzed to save you energy costs.  We can add energy savings items such as on-demand hot water heaters, passive solar design and insulation beyond that required by Energy Star.
  4. After we set your modular home, it can be locked up thereby reducing the chances of pilferage.
  5. Adverse factors due to weather are greatly reduced as our homes are built in a factory and all materials that go into your home are also stored indoors.  The kiln dried lumber is stored indoors before being installed in your home.
  6. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a special section in the state building code just for the oversight of modular home construction.  These homes are reviewed by the Commonwealth, inspected by third party review professionals, and also the local inspectors.
  7. The factory offers a 10 year structural warranty on their modules underwritten by an insurance company.  The products used in the home have their own manufacturers’ warranties and those are passed on to you.  In addition we offer a one year workmanship warranty.



  1. Our years of experience will help you save money, mistakes and omissions.  We will spend the time to help you design your home around your needs.
  2. We have been building homes since 1971 on both a modular, pre cut and a stick built basis.  We are also experienced in Restaurant, Motel, Warehouse and Apartment construction and are EPA certified nationally.
  3. Our modular homes are “Prestaged” in the factory before they are shipped to your site.  This extra step in the construction process insures that the home is built to your standards and design.
  4. George Modular will work with you to save you money.  We will do as much or as little as you want in order to utilize your abilities to get some of the site work accomplished.  However we reserve the right to reject any contractor that isn’t properly licensed and insured.  All work done under our license must be properly performed to today’s building codes.
  5. We will advise you through all steps of the construction process including permitting, financing and design and occupancy.  However the more work that you do on your project, the less we are involved resulting in greater savings to you.



  1. Do you have a site in mind?  Homes should be designed to fit in with the land for esthetic and cost saving purposes.  A site should be in mind before we get started.  If you don’t have one we can work with you on a proposed site.
  2. Next, we will work with you on your home design and preliminary pricing package.  This stage of the process let’s you know whether or not you can successfully put the “package” together within your budget.  Standard home designs are displayed on the Floorplans Page.  These plans can be adapted in many ways or we can work together to customize a plan just for you.  The options are almost unlimited!   
  3. If you prefer, a factory tour is available by prior appointment.  Just call us to set one up.
  4. If you feel ready to proceed, the next step is a small deposit towards that design package.  This will take you thru the design stage and will provide you with modular elevations and a floor plan.  It is usually $1500.00 for a stock plan to $2500-$3000 and up for customized plans and this deposit will be applied towards your home purchase.  After we review the plans and make amendments, we will offer you a final price, which is usually the same as the estimated price (Our references will confirm that fact).   If you for any reason choose not to proceed beyond this stage, the designs that we have created are yours to use for your purposes and there are no further obligations on either party.
  5. We can then offer you options to either change some products or save you some expense by substituting or eliminating some items that you may or may want.  These offerings will be made in a “salad bar” format.
  6. At this point, we will have a final package with construction specifications and options at a fixed price.  A contract is signed.  We will produce production plans and permit ready house plans, foundation and land plans, perform an energy audit, perform a soil analysis or any other local requirements and proceed towards obtaining a building permit (which usually is required for your financing).  This requires a second deposit depending on the amount of work we are required to perform.  Remember that all deposits are applied toward the house contract price.
  7. Once all required items are approved and a permit is in hand, then we proceed according to the contract to build your home.  The factory will give us a ship date to the site.  The factory lead time depends upon their obtaining the necessary cabinetry, windows, door, lighting, plumbing fixtures, etc. so that the production lines doesn’t get held up.  While the home is being built in the factory, the site work to prepare for the modules is performed. 
  8. We do not maintain 'model homes' in order to keep our overhead down and ultimately, your pricing.  However, we offer references of past clients that have agreed to discuss our program with you.  If we have a home under construction at the time we can offer you an escorted walk through there. 



  1. Our pricing quotes will come detailed with material specifications, design choices and options.  We expect lots of questions as the construction of a home is very detail oriented.
  2. The price of the basic home will include all freight, Mass Sales Tax, police escorts, crane and set crew services.  Unless you request items not be included, our homes are “Turn Key”.
  3. The package will also include the 10 year structural warranty on the modular home, warranties for materials included in your home, house and foundation plans engineered and ready to submit for permits, utility and plot plans.  Unusual requirements such as Conservation Commission plans, zoning meetings, etc. will be extra.
  4. If you request items beyond our standard construction program, those items and the price adjustments (up or down) will be listed separately.  You can pick and choose them on a “Salad Bar” approach.  All final choices will be listed in the Construction Contract along with any adjustments in the pricing.



  1. The manufacturer offers options on any product from their suppliers (Kohler, Certainteed, Sea Gull Electric, Nutone, Merillat, Andersen, Pella, Ply Gem, etc.).  If you have a special need, then we usually can incorporate that need into the design and pricing structure.  Farmer’s porches, rear decks, rooms over garages are very easy to do.  Just ask.  We will price those options individually for your consideration.  If you have an unusual product that you want installed in your home, just ask.  We can usually arrange to have it installed.  If your requirements are such that makes modular construction unviable, then we will tell you so and offer a stick built program as an alternative.
  2. Land options such as denitrifying septic systems, unusual water and sewer connections, interceptor drains, etc. will be quoted on a case by case basis. 



  1. First the land must be made ready for the modules.  The land must be surveyed, cleared, excavated, a foundation with footings and a floor installed, underground drainage installed, damp proofed, inspected, backfilled, and utilities brought to the foundation. 
  2. After the home arrives, the completion of the plumbing, wiring, heating, siding, drywall completion and carpentry must be arranged.  Particular items such as Garage Doors, Central Air-conditioning, Granite, etc. must also be provided for.


  1. We offer 2”x6” construction with the framing at 16” on-center.
  2. We will utilize either plywood or OSB construction panels depending on your budget. 
  3. Windows with screens are all Energy Star Rated double hung units that tilt in for ease of cleaning. 
  4. Siding is Certainteed double 4” vinyl siding.  The entire exterior is maintenance free with the exception of the doors which can be painted an accent color. 
  5. Roofing shingles are by Certainteed (Architectural design with a 30 year warranty).
  6. Cabinetry is by Merillat.
  7. Plumbing fixtures are by suppliers such as Kohler.
  8. Electric fixtures are supplied by Sea Gull Lighting.
  9. Most of our standard products are upgradable.  Just ask.  We have even installed “Structured Wiring” for smart home technology and “On Demand” hot water heaters.


Our prices are generally about 10% below site built housing and about the same or below other modular builders.  Our knowledge of the industry sets us apart from others so you can have the assurance that your major investment is being handled by professionals.  We have compared the pricing we obtain from our factory with that of other factories and have found we are comparable.  Be aware that some companies offer low prices that are based on unrealistic allowances, only to include 'extras' down the road.  We prefer to be up front about the cost.   


We are General Contractors.  We work with local and national banks that specialize in modular construction.  We can give you recommendations if you so choose.


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